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How is it done?
You are wrapped in bandages that have been soaked in our exclusive Mineral solution. This process visually tightens skin, and visually firms the body quickly. The Mineral Wrap takes only about an hour and half.
What do I need to wear?
Just bring a change of underwear, panties and bra. You will need a dry set when changing back into your street cloths. Men bring swin trunks. DO NOT use any body lotion the day of the wrap.
What results have been observed from the Mineral Wrap?
Patrons' skin looks absolutely wonderful, the tighteing effect gets more dramatic with each wrap. Others report craving extra protien. Do follow your body's lead on this and add extra protien to your diet if you desire.
Some have found that for the first few days after their first Mineral Wrap, they want more sleep than usual. The need for extra sleep ends a few days later. 
Others who have used this wrap experienced dramatic results through the torso area.
How many wraps will I need?
Personal goals are strictly up to you. Nutritional supplements, exercise regimens, good eating habits and plenty of rest aid the progress. To obtain the desired results sooner you should come in for a wrap two or three times a week or more, if you wish, until your skin appears tighter, your contour gentler and your appearance goals are reached. 
What else can I do to futher maximize my results?
Our quest is to view the different aspects of the effects of aging from the surface, as well as from within. Skin tone, skin color, energy, a sense of well-being, alertness and vitality are all promoted through our products. Individually, they work well, in tandem they are miraculous! Ask our wrap technician about all of our fine Anti-Aging products. In particular, we recommend Mega One, Mineral Magic, RNA-DNA+, Herbaretic+ and Skin Tight.

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