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Anne has been cutting my hair for the last 15 years and I have been very pleased with how she cuts and styles my hair. She really listens when I want to make a minor change either to the cut or color. She suggests the best way to make the changes and keeps up with what is going on in the beauty industry with continuing education classes. She is also flexible when scheduling my appointments and making changes if needed which is greatly appreciated. Gloria S
I have been going to Anne for 15 years now. I wear my hair short and Anne gives me great haircuts. I have recently starting using highlights and she has done a fantastic job of picking out the right color for me. I would highly recommend Anne. Update: I hadn't mentioned that Anne is always going to conferences and learning about new products and procedures. The last time I got my hair colored she was using a new technique and product - Leyton House - the results of which were superb. I got compliments the next day on my hair. Terri C
& Anne is the stylist to see for awesome haircuts and colors, every time I go there to get my hair either cut or colored Anne, whenever I go there my hair cut and color needs are always met. I have gone to Anne to get my haircut for years now and I absolutely love it. Another thing I love about Anne is the Detox foot baths because back in January I had to have ankle surgery and after I got my cast off I had absolutely no range of motion in my right ankle (the one that was operated on) and after just one detox foot bath I had complete Full range of motion and it was just amazing at how well it worked. so I very highly recommend coming here, Dan T
I am absolutely blown away by the care and treatment Anne gives me! I have had foot baths, facials, hair cut and styling, and with every exchange with Anne I go away feeling totally loved and pampered! I was so surprised to feel her healing Reiki energy while receiving the facial, and how relaxed I was afterward...she had me hooked the first time I was treated by her!!! Now I can't get enough! I can't imagine going anywhere else! Charlotte T
Best service in Corvallis, OR!!!! Anne has been giving me amazing service for over a year, and I have not missed even one visit every two weeks...I am always leaving with a fresh, enlivened attitude after seeing her! Anne is not only a knowledgeable expert, she is a joy to be around and produces amazing results. I feel her advice has never steered me in a bad direction, I highly recommend her services to anyone!!!  A. D

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541-754-O355  or Toll Free 1-866-762-913six

Anne @ Northwest Hair Lines 435 NW 3 Rd St Corvallis, Oregon 97330