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Where would like to look slimmer?

The SlenderTone Wrap is the original wrap formula we used for over 45 years.

The Body Lift Wrap is the top of the line in Suddenly Slender's Anti-Aging formulas and is well named, it is very much like a face lift for the body.

The Body Wrap has safe, natural answers for you!

The Body Wrap works with feeding the body minerals not by dehydration. Our wonderful wraps are used by many Health Care Practitioners for those who suffer from this problem. Wrinkles and loose skin are the surest sign of dehydration. Think about it, you can be a grape or you can be a raisin, the only difference is the amount of water in them! In you!

Water retention is a common problem which makes weight loss almost impossible.

We are also universally mineral deficient. Our mineral wraps and vitamin / mineral supplements are changing lives!

Cleanse and detoxify your body through its largest organ, the skin! AND look slimmer and younger at the same time!
Our Patrons report a wonderful relaxed "clean" feeling after each wrap and how well they sleep.

Women wear a bra and underwear and men wear swim trunks.

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